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SHOOTHIT cards games Rules



52 cards in total divided into 4 different suits in two colors, each suit numbered from 1 to 13.


Get rid of all your cards.

The last player who has cards and who cannot finally discard the cards in the 4 central decks, loses. The Loser will receive the MAXIMUM PENALTY (see PENALTIES)


The cards are shuffled previously, distributing them equally to each player. Thus creating each player his COVERED DECK (face down deck of cards that he cannot look at).

And leaving space for 4 decks in the middle in full view of the players.


Ex: 10 over the 9

Each player reveals on his turn a card from his covered deck to his right, which he will try to mount increasingly on the other players, the central deck or himself.

If he does not know how to mount the card, he will leave it on his right. thus creating his undercover deck.
Ex: the 5 over the 4 (mounting in an always increasing way)

Whenever I have placed a card I reveal another


When have I revealed all the cards of my undercover deck? We leave the last card of our revealed deck on our left and the others are turned over to continue playing, creating like that the undercover deck again.


The player who draws an Ace to the center creating 1 of the 4 center decks deals a penalty to all players.

In the CENTRAL DECK the NUMBERS and also the SUIT also are respected!

Central deck with suits: Square, Triangle, Circle, Pentagono.

The only rule the game has!

You should try to mount the face up card to your right. before revealing one.


The players must denounce the player who causes a foul by shouting MACARRA (esp) or SHOOTHIT (eng) and the players must distribute the minor penalty (see penalties) to the player who made a mistake.

But if no one has shout, or noticed the mistake and the next player has played his card, they can’t more reclaim the mistake. The player’s turn ends when the next player has picked up their card from any deck.

And that’s it, you know how play to SHOOTHIT!

The rules don’t just change the penalties depending on the game mode.

Attached access to the web if there were any doubts with the mode:


1st Central deck “TRIANGLE, CIRCLE, SQUARE, PENTA” (respecting number and Suits)

2nd the other players (respecting only number)

3rd Assemble the card to itself if there is no other. (respecting only number)

THE LOSER LAST with cards HAS AN ATTEMPT TO GET AWAY if he places his cards in the CENTER DECK without making any mistakes and he squares his cards. Otherwise, the MAXIMUM PENALTY falls! !

See penalties:


0’10s) Course of the game, explanations
0’43s) The only RULE
0’53s) AS distributes penalty
0’59s) Central Deck
1’40s) Penalty Hit mode
1’46s) Mounting himself
1’58s) Rotation cards
2’31s) Reminder Order, Rules
3’10s) Shoothit ERROR
3’33s) Final WITHOUT loser
4’20s) Final WITH loser
4’38s) PENALTY MAX Hit Mode for majors, minors it’s with an INCHABLE STICK