It’s played in the same way, only the penalty changes when SHOOTHIT or Macarra is shouted



  • HIT MODE: Hit with a inflatable Stick or balloon the loser butt ( Inflatable Tube sold separately )
  • HIT MODE +18: Hit with two fingers max. on the loser wirst ( He can change the wirst )
  • SHOOT MODE +18: The loser drinks a shot. ( The final looser pay )
  • LOVE MODE: The loser give a caress where the winner choose.
  • STRIP MODE +18: The loser takes off a garment. ( The loser chooses his garment ).


The loser chooses a card from the entire deck of cards previously shuffled WITHOUT TEACHING IT TO ANYONE. The rest of the players can hit and choose between 1 to 10 light penalties. But if they go over the number of the loser’s card, THIS ONE WILL RETURN to each player the DIFFERENCE the light penalties received.

Ex: The loser rolls a ACE card and player A gave him NINE minor penalties, the loser returns EIGHT minor penalty to the player A.

  • HIT GAME MODE: The loser is hit with the SHOOTHIT Stick (Stick sold separately).
  • GAME MODE HIT +18: The loser receives a hit with two fingers max. on the wrist (can be changed wrist)
  • GAME MODE SHOOT +18: The final loser pays. * BEWARE in this mode the FINAL PENALTY CHANGES: Here the Players DRINK from 1 to 13 drinks and the loser will drink the DIFFERENCE! *
  • LOVE GAME MODE: The loser gives as many caresses as indicated on the card where the winner chooses.
  • STRIP GAME MODE +18: The loser takes off as many clothes as indicated on the card, (the loser chooses his clothes) and in the absence of clothes he will give kisses (Kisses where the winner chooses).
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